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What We Do

Custom Designs

Custom means, start from scratch, a one of a kind, not a copy. A new home, based on your wishes, needs, and ideas. Inject your personality and lifestyle into the core of your home, creating your environment. David Pruitt uses his innovation, talent, and experience, to mold your dreams into your home.

Remodel Re-Design

Every home has the potential to become a “Dream Home”. David Pruitt has taken over 400 homes and molded dream homes out of them. We can custom fit your dreams, into the home you live in. We do new kitchens, baths, master bedroom / bath combo additions, room additions, room extensions, face lifts, and make-over’s. A good remodel looks like it has never been done, the perfect blend of old and new.

Custom Décor

Art and Design are one in the same, with many mediums for expression. See some of David Pruitt’s artwork at Copper fountains, and water features, can set your home off as a real dream home. Invest a little more and take things up a level. You will be glad you did.

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Our Process

  • Meet & Discover
  • Ideas & Agree
  • Design & Create
  • Permit & Build

  • The process starts with communication (phone | email | face-to-face)

  • We meet on site (Lot | Existing Home) to see the location (orientation | other properties | sun rise/set | trees | and more)

  • Share your wishes, needs, and desires (lists | pictures | sketches | drawings)

  • Discover applicable property limitations (Setbacks | Floor Area Ratio’s | Height Limits etc. (per Local Codes & Ordinances)

  • David Pruitt provides you an estimate

  • Agree on cost & schedules

  • Generate an agreement

  • Preliminary Drawings start with the Floor Plan and revisions until everyone is happy

  • Next we design the Site Plan together (foot print on the lot)

  • Then Exterior Elevations, Roof Plan, and Section Cuts are added

  • Review with Planning Department if needed

  • We'll do the coordination work with any Engineers, and other professionals, needed to work on the project

  • Electrical & Mechanical Plans will be generated during the planning process if needed

  • After planning approvals, the Working Drawings, are generated with any other engineering, and Title 24 calcs

  • Builders can bid and help you finalize the budget for construction

  • We submit all plans to the City or County for Permits

  • Once issued, the Owners and Contractor can pick up the permits and begin the build

Customer References

David Pruitt is a designer with extrodinary talent, unique and innovative ideas, and experience, to make your home... your dream home. Whether you’re starting from the ground up, for a new home, or re-designing your existing one, look no further! With over 45 years, David has satisfied hundreds of clients, who've have had their dreams come true, can testify that your search for a designer is over; and that David will meet and exceed your hopes and dreams.
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